Joys of motherhood- let them be free.

I’m really learning how to let my beautiful rambunctious daughter be more free. 

I’ve come to the realization that she needs the moments of silliness and complete chaos, so she can become the woman she is meant to be one day. 

Plus, if you let them be free (and video tape, you get beautiful and adorable moments like this.

The Joys of Motherhood

This was my wonderful daughter on Valentine’s day but I have started to try and attempt positive parenting so it didn’t last long. 

See normally, when she starts to get all worked up, so do I. While she is getting a waterfall of emotions that is going to send her into a meltdown; I begin to get overwhelmed with irritation, exhaustion, and “the-over-it’s”. So, by the time, the meltdown hits it’s peak, we are both hooting and hollering.  

Lately, Ive chosen a different approach (due to the fact that she hit that age where meltdown are right around every corner on most days). 

*I started shooting the video a little late because I  thought about it as an after thought. 

However, you can still get a taste of the technique and see the overall results. To be honest, I will usually completely ignore her when a meltdown is in its full glory because if i say one thing to her, she reacts as if i just stabbed her with a hot butter knife.  I will just tell her to let me know when she is finished with her tantrum and walk away. But I do sometimes, towards the end of a brawl do what I’m doing in this video. 

I’ve started to realize that she has to be able to show emotion because if she doesn’t than she grow up to be what i use to be with massive amounts of anger issues and getting into lots of trouble because of it.

As she starts to learn and grow more, i have to be able to teach her different ways to express each and every emotion. (And little girls are full of emotions, believe me.)

Practice Makes Perfect

Oh my goodness!  So, i was finally able to or..der a darning foot for my simple domestic brother sewing machine and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Actually,  i got 32 feet for my machine for a total of $13 before the cost of shipping was added.  It was a steal of a deal that i got from

I get a lot of my quilting tools and material from Well,  I get a lot of things, period, from this site. Everything is SUPER cheap on here including the shipping.  And as long as your not willing to wait a little longer then it’s well worth it. Plus, they have any and everything you could possibly think of, and stuff that you would of never thought of your entire life.

Any who’s! I’ve been doing some practice runs with the darning foot and the only thing i can about it is,  ill need to do much more practicing before i will have enough confidence to stick my needle in an almost finished quilt top.

Any suggestive comments are more than welcome.  I’m practically begging for them at this point.

Memory Quilt Part 2

20170209_054143So, this is the T-Shirt Memory Quilt that i have been working on, that i mentioned once before, when i was first getting into it. You can see that post by clicking, Preserving Memories.

I’ll tell you a little about what you are seeing in this picture here…

So, I decided that i didn’t want to do an everyday T Shirt Quilt like all the other ones that i had seen. I did a little research and i found one that was rarely pictured, had only a few tutorials that you could follow (i only skimmed lightly while researching so this could be really popular on the outskirts of my search community and I just don’t know.), I really enjoy the eye-catching pattern (3D) , and it is still relatively simple to do.

Well, speaking of easy.. I’m at a point in the quilt where I know that it is going to start to get a little more difficult with way more ways to mess it the “F” up.

You see, when my father in law first gave me all the T-shirts for this quilt, I originally had 15 shirts picked out of a bunch of “like” event shirts of a particular town. This was the first original brainstorm layout for those first 15.


Now, I was super excited about making this particular quilt before i even had a chance to look at the shirts because of the history behind it and that hasn’t changed but i remember feeling a little bummed when i was piecing these first 15 blocks together to try to come up with a complimentary layout for the colors and design of each shirt.

But that was my real problem, there was practically no color in this design. I mean, every shirt has some kind of color in it yes, but for me to have to piece together 5 different shades of white squares together knowing that these shirts weren’t complimenting each other by themselves really sucked.

Well, John came to the rescue and gave me 5 more of his shirts, specifically selected to give me the color i desperately needed and would inevitably give him the bigger quilt he was wanting. ( Which, as you can see{from the first picture}, we definitely achieved the size. I was wanting to add a contrasting border to the sashing (the red plaid fabric) after i was able to finish the main pieces of the quilt top but from this layed out outline of our beast, it doesn’t look like that will be possible, or a good idea.

I’m already going to have a rough time piecing this whole thing together with my simple everyday sewing machine. I am not at all a 100% sure that ill be able to do the quilting of it at all on my machine. (I will figure it out.)

Alright, well, I’ll keep you posted on how it coming along. Hopefully, I will be able to get a lot of the piecing done tomorrow but we will see.

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“Clean” ING my damn House

This is me catching up on #postdaily posts. I’m just starting to take this blogging thing seriously, realizing how helpful it can be to others.  That being said. ..

If you have a todddler, you know how frustrating it is to have to clean your house 4 times a day just to make it look a step above a Crack house (dirty as fuck with random shit everywhere, for those of you fortunate ones that don’t know what a Crack house looks.)

Before, I would just let it go for a few days, then do a massive cleaning, and spend the rest of my day chasing my daughter around with a toy bin and vacuum (screaming and pulling my own hair out ) with the intentions of keeping it clean for one damn day.

Well, thank goodness, I learned better ways (because I’m fond of my hair)…

I realized that I couldn’t expect my toddler to want to live in the same clutter free environment that I wanted to but I could make the messes easier to clean up with a few diy tools and then teach her to pick up after her damn self.

So, this is what I did. ..

I purchased plastic drawer bins right on the inside of my child’s room, I also placed a portable one in the living room (which is the main room that her bedroom seams to throw up in).

Then for the next week, I attempted to program my child.  Any and every time she would bring something out of her room, I wold wait until she was done playing with it, and then I would excitingly encourage her to put that toy in one of the storage drawers and applaud and cheer loudly when the task was accomplished.

After about a week of staying on her about each, individual toy, I instantly stopped. I wouldn’t even look at her when she stopped playing with a toy.  And she noticed. ..

So,  she would get my attention and then put her toy away without any encouragement. For the next couple of weeks, I would still hoot and Holla every time she finished her task. She eventually got over the excited praise (and would look at me with those eyes that said, “come on mom”).

Now, don’t get it twisted, I still have to clean my house once a day (sometimes twice) but now it stays cleaner a whole lot longer.  And I’ve also instilled the building blocks of house hold chores and responsibilities.

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Preserving Memories

So, I’m excited to start my next project, which will probably be today if my daughter will allow me to finish up her quilt. (Yesterday was chaotic)

I have a truly awesome father-in-law,  honestly! He is super cool, and has lived a pretty cool life. He is really in love with The Beatles, ironic artwork (that he proudly displays in the bar of his home), and his lovely wife, Kathy. Not particularly in that order.

Well, I was recently talking to them about my idea to preserve my daughter’s favorite baby clothes into a quilt.

That’s when John, my favorite father in law, decided it would be a good idea to give me my next project…..

A T Shirt quilt!  This will be my first one and because these random shirts hold so many memories for John, I am truly ecstatic to make this project be a beautiful piece of art that he will be able to display proudly.

I plan to update this post daily with step by step Progress as best as I can. (Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “follow” if you would like to be emailed as soon as a new post is published).

Also, the picture in this is only an idea of what I’m going for. I will be finally breaking open the bag of T shirts I’ll be working with later today.  So relevant pictures will be soon to come.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions, please feel free to comment or email me.